If you have received a letter from us, it means that you have been sued in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Lincoln County, Warren County, or Pike County, for a debt that you allegedly owe. If you visit the Missouri Court website (by clicking the bold type) and enter your name or case number (see our letter), you may see who has sued you. It is possible that the creditor has sued the wrong person, is suing on a debt that is past the statute of limitations, or they cannot even prove they own the debt. Before you decide to pay one of these bills, consult with Andrew, for free, to ensure the debt is valid. Andrew is an experienced bankruptcy attorney, located near to where you live or work.  He will help you to firstly decide whether bankruptcy is right for you, and if so, quickly and efficiently handle your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  Call today for a free, honest consultation that can get your finances back on track: (314) 802-8328.

No matter your situation, please do not ignore this issue. If you do not appear in court at the appointed date and time, a default judgment will be entered against you and the creditor will be free to collect the debt. In accordance with the law, this could mean garnishing your wages, or levying (freezing) your bank account. You do not want this to happen. You must take this matter seriously and make arrangements. In fact, there may even be an advantage here for you. If a creditor has incorrectly sued you or cannot prove they actually own the debt, you may have an FDCPA claim that entitles you to damages and to have your attorney fees paid by the creditor. Do not be bullied in to paying money. Get free financial advice from me today: (314) 802-8328.